Becoming a .SO Registrar

There are two ways in which you can offer .so domain registrations to your customers:

1. Become a reseller

This means that you will utilise the services provided by one of the registrars with which you have established a reseller account. This is usually a simpler way to start offering .so domains to your customers.

Contact a registrar to see if they offer reseller functionality.

2. Become a .so accredited registrar

Being an accredited registrar requires more accountability, responsibilities and upfront investment. This option is best for businesses who wish to seriously get involved in the Somali DNS and Internet infrastructure landscape.

General steps for becoming a registrar:

  1. Contact us ( to arrange and execute the Registry-Registrar Agreement
  2. Complete an onboarding form
  3. Fund your account by wiring prepayment deposit (minimum starting balance of USD 1,000)
  4. Receive your credentials to start registering domains
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