• April 18, 2018
  • SoNIC
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(Mogadishu, April 18, 2018) The new management of SONIC organized a meeting for local registrars to listen to their challenges and discuss ways of improving the service as SONIC is now working on re-branding the service from a private company to a non-profit organization under Somalia’s ICT regulator.

Abdi Sheik, General Manager of Somalia’s ICT regulator, said they are working on making sure dotSO is available across Somalia as this is a national asset, and local registrars are an integral part of making sure the local internet community have access to the country-code top-level domain.

The General Manager said that the SONIC’s old management team has been changed and all staff working with SONIC are no longer working with SONIC under any capacity. So local registrars have been asked not to deal with them anymore on SONIC issues.

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