Transition of Ninhand Domains

Further to the notice we have posted on May 01, 2017, SONIC would like to advise the following transition plan regarding the termination of Ninhand Networks CO.,LTD (11th.COM).

.SO domains registered at Ninhand Networks may be transferred to another registrar if the registrant or administrative contact of the domain sends SONIC an email request to obtain a transfer auth code. The code can only be sent to the email address that SONIC has on file for the domain. As the registrar is uncooperative, and SONIC has exhausted all avenues to contact the registrar, SONIC has to base its decisions on the most up-to-date public information it has about the registrants.

SONIC is committed to providing continuity and minimising disruption for its registrants. Please read the following transition plan carefully:

  • [June 12] SONIC will email individual domain registrants notifying them of the situation, along with these instructions.
  • [June 12 – June 24] Registrants who wish to transfer their domain to another registrar should reply to SONIC’s email. Alternatively, email SONIC with the subject “Domain Auth Info Recovery” specifying the domain name.

Upon receiving the email, SONIC will email the transfer auth code (EPP code) to the registrant or administrative contact email address we have on file.

Using the auth code, registrants can transfer their domain to another registrar of their choosing. Domain transfer fee applies, and is charged at a rate set by the registrar.

  • [June 25] In an effort to alert registrants who may have missed this announcement and email notification, SONIC will deactivate all unclaimed domains. The domains will no longer resolve, which means that web sites will not be accessible and emails will not be delivered. Registrants can still obtain auth code and transfer their domain after this time.
  • [June 30] At the end of the transition period, all remaining domains will be converted to reserved names or scheduled for release at a later date.

Additional notes:

  1. Domains that were registered with a privacy protection service or proxy agent will not be recoverable, as we do not have a way to ascertain the identity of the person communicating with us.
  2. When transferring an already expired domain to another registrar, the expiration date is extended by one year. The new expiration date may be less than one year from the time of transfer, depending on the original expiration date.
  3. Domains that are not transferred by July 9th, 2017 will no longer be transferrable.
  4. If you are no longer interested in a domain, please let SONIC know.
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